Abscessed Tooth Treatment

Treatment of an abscessed tooth

No one wants to experience the pain that comes with an abscessed tooth. Most often caused by tooth decay, and abscessed tooth is an infection that occurs either between the gums and a tooth, or at the root of a tooth. Gingivitis or tooth damage can also sometimes result in an abscessed tooth. Regardless of the cause, abscessed tooth treatment is highly recommended.

For diagnosis and abscessed tooth treatment in Brookfield, contact Paul G. Culver, D.D.S. with any questions. You can also request an appointment by clicking here. The most common symptoms of an abscessed tooth are pain when chewing, high sensitivity of the tooth or teeth to hot or cold, swollen areas around the tooth and in the jaw, swelling of the gums, fever, and opens sores on the gums.

It is not wise to delay abscessed tooth treatment, as the infection will not only become more painful, but it can also spread, causing more damage to the tooth, gums, and the bone surrounding the tooth. Paul G. Culver, D.D.S. will diagnose any mouth problems you may have and determine if in fact you do have an abscessed tooth. Then, he will explain the procedure for the abscessed tooth treatment in Brookfield, as well as methods for prevention of a reoccurrence in the future. Proper dental hygiene is of course always a must.

For abscessed tooth treatment in Brookfield,Wisconsin visit Paul G. Culver, D.D.S. today!