Can Dental Crowns Help Me?
March 10, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Learn more about dental crowns and whether they could revive your crowns

In an ideal world, we would all keep our natural teeth healthy and no problems would ever happen. Unfortunately, we don’t live in this fantasy world. Accidents happen! Decay happens! It’s the duty of our Brookfield, WI, dentist, Dr. Paul Culver, to set your smile straight with restorations like dental crowns.

Why get a dental crown?

There are many situations that may warrant getting a dental crown. If there isn’t enough viable tooth structure left to support a dental filling then the decay will be removed and a crown will be placed over the tooth. A fractured, cracked or broken tooth will also need a little support and protection to prevent more damage. A crown will fit nicely over the tooth to provide the coverage and safety it needs to stay healthy.

Of course, a dental crown may also be used strictly for cosmetic purposes. Do you have a tooth that is so discolored that even teeth whitening won’t work? Do you have a tooth that is severely malformed or misshapen? While it may not affect how your tooth functions, these issues can certainly affect your smile’s appearance and your confidence. A dental crown can be placed over the tooth or teeth to instantly improve the look of your smile.

What goes into getting a dental crown?

First and foremost, let’s find out if you are a good candidate for dental crowns. By examining your smile and sitting down for a consultation we can determine whether there are other treatment options that are better suited to your needs.

If dental crowns are the optimum restoration then the tooth will need to be prepared before it can receive a crown. What does tooth preparation entail? It will require us to prepare the tooth so the crown can fit over it.

Impressions of your tooth will also need to be taken. These impressions will be given to a dental lab so that they can design and create a crown that fits perfectly over that tooth. While your crown is being completed, we will place a temporary crown over the tooth.

Once the lab has sent your crown to us, your final appointment will consist of checking the fit of your new crown to make sure it’s perfect before cementing it into place.

If you want to learn more about getting dental crowns in Brookfield, WI, then it’s time you called our office to schedule a consultation. Let’s see what dental crowns can do for your smile.