Reasons to Consider White Fillings
September 21, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

White Fillings SmileNeed white fillings from your Brookfield, WI, dentist?

White fillings are a great way to restore damaged teeth. They match the rest of your teeth and improve the whole aesthetic of your smile.

More About Fillings

Fillings are safe, reliable and long-lasting tooth-colored restorations, and more aesthetically pleasing than silver dental amalgam fillings. They are a conservative method for preserving the integrity of your tooth and are appropriate for small to medium-sized tooth decays.

Tooth-colored fillings are made of a composite that consists of silica fillers and plastic resins. The advantage of this material is that it mimics the natural tooth material, structure, translucency and wear-resistance to strengthen teeth.

Filling Procedure

Fillings are used to restore decays and chipped teeth. The procedure is simple and can be performed in a single dental visit.

  • Your Brookfield dentist prepares your teeth by numbing the area with an injection.
  • The doctor removes the decayed area and sterilizes the area that needs a filling.
  • The filling material is inserted into the tooth and essentially bonds to the tooth.

Maintaining a Healthy Oral Regimen

Dental bondings require the same care as all your teeth. Be sure to brush your teeth twice a day, after breakfast and before bed, and floss at least once. This will help keep your teeth healthy and avoid new cavities from flourishing in your new tooth-colored fillings, or any of your other teeth.

Advantages of White-Colored Fillings

After your doctor has finished the procedure, your teeth will look natural, especially if the tooth being filled is visible while you smile. Some other advantages include:

  • The fillings won't cause your teeth to turn a gray tint over time and are safer
  • The composite strengthens your teeth to prevent breakage, or cracking.
  • As mentioned before, your teeth will look natural, so you won't feel self-conscious when you smile


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