The Benefits Of White Fillings
September 21, 2016
Category: Oral Health
Tags: tooth decay   fillings  

A beautiful smile makes a great first impression. It shows people you're meeting for the first time that you value your health and your fillingslooks. However, a mouth full of visible amalgam, or metal, fillings can be a distracting reminder that you needed dental work done over the years. That's why Dr. Paul Culver, your dentist in Brookfield, WI, is pleased to offer white fillings - also called porcelain or resin fillings - as a way of treating decay without compromising your appearance. Here's why white fillings are the preferred method of treating cavities at our dental office.


Metal fillings, while efficient, are dark in color and obviously noticeable, especially when placed in a tooth that shows when you smile. Having a white filling means you can smile confidently, knowing your teeth look beautiful and seamless rather than distracting.


Amalgam used to be the "gold standard" for fillings because white fillings weren't as strong or long-lasting, especially on molars. However, dental technology has advanced over time and the structure of white fillings is now comparable to that of amalgam. White fillings from your Brookfield dentist are especially preferable because they fill cavities more efficiently, preserving more of the natural structure of the affected tooth.


For some patients and dentists, there is concern that metal fillings may unnecessarily expose a person to mercury and other metals from which they are made. While the level of these metals is widely considered to be safe, white fillings ensure your total safety; they are made from a composite of plastic and silica (glass) fillers that have no unwanted side effects.

If you need a filling, we encourage you to visit Dr. Culver's dental office in Brookfield, WI. You'll leave our office knowing that your cavity was treated efficiently and thoroughly while keeping your teeth attractive at the same time!