Canker Cold Sore Treatment

There are many causes of , and many individuals may be quick to recommend their own ideas of canker sore treatment or cold sore treatment. However, not many people realize that canker sores and cold sores can also be treated by your dentist.canker sores and cold sores

The difference between the two sores is that canker sores typically occur inside the mouth and are usually caused by irritants and stress, and cold sores occur outside the mouth, usually on the lips, and are a highly contagious form of herpes simplex 1, caused by a virus.

Your dentist can recommend several remedies that may be effective for canker sore treatment and cold sore treatment, and can also prescribe antibiotics, ointments, or antimicrobial mouth rinses that can help alleviate and eliminate the sores. Most sores tend to disappear within a week, however it should be noted that sometimes, the presence of canker sore or cold sores could signify another medical condition. If you experience either of these sores, you might want to consider canker sore treatment or cold sore treatment by your dentist so that he may be able to better diagnose the type of sore and if a biopsy may be necessary.