Brookfield Tooth Fillings

Many of us have seen a mouth with tooth fillings, easily revealed by those shiny bits of metal. Cosmetic tooth fillings are a more aesthetically pleasing filling, designed to look more natural. Made of a resin material rather than metal, cosmetic fillings are able to more accurately blend in with your own teeth by mimicking the same color and texture of your teeth, rendering the filling nearly invisible.

Aside from the cosmetic benefit, there are many other advantages to cosmetic fillings. These tooth fillings allow for more of the original tooth to be preserved, and also serves to help strengthen the tooth.

Talk to your dentist in Brookfield about cosmetic tooth fillings and the procedure involved. Typically, the resin filling is applied in thin layers to the tooth, and then hardened. This bonding process is what allows more of the tooth to be preserved and strengthened. Cosmetic fillings can also then be shaped to conform to your original tooth, so that it looks completely natural.

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