Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is a rather common procedure that is undertaken when a tooth needs to be fixed in order to provide more of a surface to support a crown or filling. Crown lengthening entails removing a small amount of gum tissue or bone to expose more of the tooth.

Crown lengthening may be necessary when a tooth has broken fairly close to the gumline, or if a tooth suffers from tooth decay beneath a filling. Crown lengthening might also be considered for aesthetic purposes, if an individual has excess gum tissue around their teeth.

Your dentist in Brookfield will consult with you regarding crown lengthening and whether this procedure is right for you. The procedure will be performed using a local anesthetic, and can usually be repeated within one visit. The length of the visit depends upon how many teeth need to be attended to.

Recovery time from a crown lengthening procedure is usually just a few days, though if you have received stitches, you will need to return within a about a week to have them removed. Healing time from crown lengthening can be as long as three months.

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