Dental Bridges

There are several options available to an individual to replace missing teeth. One of these options is a dental bridge. There are many types of dental bridges available, and they serve not only to replace missing teeth, but also to prevent the shifting of other teeth and lower the risk of tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Fixed dental bridges are permanent. Conventional and cantilever dental bridges are two types of fixed bridges that also require a bit of shaping to the teeth that will be on either side of the bridge, in order to provide an optimal fit.

A resin-bonded dental bridge is another type of bridge that is more often utilized to replace front teeth. This type of bridge usually does not require and work to be done on surrounding teeth.

Consult with your dentist in Brookfield about dental bridge options and whether they are right for you. Dental bridges can not only serve to replace missing teeth, but also help improve the comfort of your mouth and present a more pleasing smile.

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