Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are a relatively quick and painless procedure in which a thin, plastic coating is painted upon the surface of a tooth in order to prevent decay. Sealants are most often done on molars, as these are the teeth most susceptible to decay due to the fact that they come into the most prolonged content with food. A dental sealant will serve to bond with the tooth and create a protective shield.

Dental sealants are often recommended as a common and necessary procedure for children as soon as their permanent teeth come in. However, many adults often find that sealants can provide them with healthful benefits later in life as well, in order to keep teeth remaining healthy.

Your dentist in Brookfield can explain the sealant procedure to you in more detail. The procedure itself is fairly quick and requires no anesthetic—it is a completely painless procedure.

Dental sealants typically last about 10 years, and your dentist can replace them as necessary during a regular checkup.