Wisconsin DenturesDentures are a removable option for replacing missing teeth, and can be a partial or a full set. They are less expensive and require less of an intensive procedure than dental implants. Specialty dentures are custom made for each individual and form-fitted to sit comfortably within your mouth for maximum effectiveness.

A consultation with your dentist in Brookfield will allow you to assess whether dentures are the right choice for you, and will also enable you to learn more about the advantages of dentures, as well as the procedure involved in getting them.

Options for specialty dentures in Brookfield include lightweight dentures, and dentures designed to look and feel just like real teeth. Partial dentures will also serve to help keep real teeth aligned. A few visits to the dentist are usually needed in order to properly take a mold and fit the dentures to your mouth, ensuring that everything fits correctly and allows you the most comfort when wearing them and eating with them.

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