Flap Surgery

Flap SurgeryGum diseases is an affliction many people suffer from everyday, and severe gum disease typically requires one or more dental treatments to repair the damage and decay that has been wrought in your teeth and gums. If planning or scaling is not enough to effectively treat periodontitis, then flap surgery might be another viable option.

In Brookfield, flap surgery can be performed by Paul G. Culver, D.D.S. Flap surgery is a procedure in which sections of your gums a pulled back in order to allow the dentist to better clean the area and repair any damaged bone. The gums are then sewn back into position.

Some advantages of flap surgery include the ability to smooth bone beneath the gums, reducing the area in which plaque may grow, and more efficient oral hygiene and bone repair. It does not take long to recover from flap surgery, and the procedure is most effective in reversing the effects of periodontitis when combined with a proper oral hygiene regimen on a daily basis.

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