Halitosis Treatment

Halitosis Treatment Brookfield WisconsinBad breath is a problem that affects an estimated sixty-five percent of Americans. Persistent bad breath, referred to "chronic halitosis," affects 40 million Americans, and while many individuals choose to combat this problem with a wide array of personal hygiene products, they often only mask the problem rather than solve it. If you suffer from persistent bad breath, it may be prudent to seek halitosis treatment in our Brookfield office.

To more effectively combat bad breath, it would be wise to first determine the cause. Often, it is simply a matter of poor oral hygiene. Food left in the mouth due to lack of proper brushing or flossing can collect bacteria, which release an unpleasant smell as the bacteria dies. Additionally, certain foods contribute more to bad breath than others. When garlic or onions are absorbed into the bloodstream, it is also transferred to the lungs, and exhaling subsequently releases the unpleasant odor.

There are many other reasons why an individual might be suffering bad breath, and some of these reasons could be indicators of a serious health condition. Gum disease may be one reason you are experiencing bad breath, and halitosis treatment in Brookfield will certainly serve to remedy this problem.

To do your own part in combating bad breath and gum disease, you must follow your own oral hygiene regimen as part of the recommended halitosis treatment in Brookfield. Proper brushing, flossing, mouthwash and regular dental cleanings will help with both gum disease and bad breath. If for some reason you still experience persistent bad breath, you may want to seek additional medical expertise to determine if it is caused by another medical condition.

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