Oral Infection

Standards and Best Practice

The chance of developing an oral infection during a dental procedure is always a concern. To ensure proper prevention and a decreased risk of oral infection in Brookfield, all dentists and oral hygienists wear gloves, gowns and masks. This is standard required procedure, which also requires that all disposable equipment, such as gloves, drapes, needles, and scalpel blades, are thrown away after being used with a patient, and replaced with new, sterile equipment for the next patient.

To further prevent the chance of oral infection in Brookfield, all instruments are also washed, disinfected and/or sterilized with chemicals or steam after each use, before being used again on the next patient. Finally, we make sure to take the extra step to decrease the chances of oral infection in Brookfield by properly washing our hands both before and after each patient visit and glove use.

Water Quality and Biofilms

There may also be concerns about water quality in some dentist's offices. As each office must follow specific guidelines as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and the American Dental Association, the cause for concern is unnecessary.

The presence of biofilms, thin layers of microscopic germs that collect on virtually any surface, might also have some patients nervous about oral infection in Brookfield. However, it should be realized that these bacteria occur everywhere, not just in the dentist's office, and our bodies are always exposed to them. While there is no scientific evidence that has successfully linked biofilms with disease, a compromised or weakened immune system could make you more susceptible to germs. It would be wise to let our office know if you have a weakened or compromised immune system so that we can take any extra precautions needed to ensure your health is not at risk.