Prevent Cavities

It should be no secret that the best way to prevent cavities is to maintain a consistent oral hygiene regimen, and to eat healthier foods that are no high in sugar and carbohydrates, which leads to the development of plaque, and subsequently, the possibility of cavities. But how many of you know exactly what good oral hygiene entails, and what dental tools are most effective in the fight to prevent cavities?

Preventing cavities and other dental maladies such as periodontitis and tooth decay is a twofold effort: on one hand, you have proper oral hygiene, and on the other, you have a healthy, proper diet. The combination of the two is your most effective means to prevent cavities.

Your dentist can tell you how best to go about taking care of your oral health, as well as recommend toothbrushes, flosses, water picks, antiseptic rinses, mouthwashes, and other tools of the trade. In addition, eating a well-balanced diet will help to prevent cavities, but even healthy foods can sometimes result in plaque if a meal isn't followed up with oral healthcare. Do yourself and your mouth a great service—speak to your dentist about how best to maintain good oral health, and win the fight to prevent cavities!