Ridge Augmentation

Ridge augmentation is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that is performed when an indentation in your jawbone occurs as the result of a missing tooth or teeth. Missing teeth can sometimes cause the jawbone and gumline to recede a little, resulting in a somewhat unnatural look to your mouth and smile.

The ridge augmentation procedure serves to restore the original shape and contour of your jaw, and also serves to create a strong, natural foundation for a dental implant. If you foresee the option of getting dental implants at some point in the future, you might also want to consider ridge augmentation in order to better your chances for a successful procedure.

Your dentist in Brookfield will consult with you as to whether a ridge augmentation is a necessary option for you, and the procedure and benefits involved. Factors that may affect the decision include the health of your jawbone, and/or the quantity of bone necessary to receive dental implants.

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