Root Planning

root planningPeriodontal disease is quite a common malady that affects many people at some point in their lives, and if not left untreated for too long, can usually be taken care of with conventional treatment and self-care, such as flossing and a proper oral hygiene regimen. However, if the gum disease is more serious and conventional treatment doesn't work, then a special kind of cleaning called scaling and root planing may be required.

The root planing procedure begins with administration of a local anesthetic to reduce any discomfort. Then, the dentist uses a small instrument called a "scaler," or an ultrasonic cleaner, to remove the buildup of plaque and tartar from the area beneath your gum line.

After the cleaning, the next step in the root planing procedure involves the root surfaces on the tooth, which are then planed and smoothed. This will allow the gum tissue to properly heal and reattach itself to the tooth.

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