Seniors Oral Health

Not many people have a wish for dentures in their later years, and so long as you manage to maintain a good, healthy diet and practice proper oral hygiene on a daily basis, you may not have a need for dentures at all.

Practicing good oral hygiene also serves to decrease the risk of other maladies that are common in older people, such hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even stroke. Many research studies have shown that a healthy mouth can help ensure a healthier body and even a longer life.

Dexterity and Arthritis

Sometimes, individuals  suffering from arthritis or other problems that affect movement and dexterity may find it more difficult to practice good oral hygiene. However, there are ergonomically designed toothbrushes and floss holders available that enable you to perform oral hygiene tasks with better ease and control.

You can also use items around the house to help you. Inserting the handle of your toothbrush into a small rubber ball, or extending the handle by attaching a small piece of plastic or Popsicle stick may also do the trick.

Floss can also be tied into a tiny loop on either side, making it easier to grasp and control the floss with your fingers.