Tooth | Teeth Bleaching

Tooth bleaching is gaining in popularity, as many seek to restore a white, bright smile to teeth that have been stained by coffee, cigarettes, or other factors. A booming business in home teeth bleaching products has flooded the market with several different types of products, yet misinformation and inferior products often leave many feeling unsatisfied. While many choose to try home teeth bleaching products rather than cosmetic dental tooth bleaching products primarily due to budget, the dental procedure is by far the most effective treatment.

Tooth bleaching is slightly different than whitening, in that the products contain a bleaching ingredient, such as hydrogen peroxide, and typically serve to enable teeth to be whitened beyond their natural color. Whiteners act more as a cleaner, removing dirt and debris but not actually changing the color of your teeth. However, because, whitening sounds more appealing than bleaching, the term "whitening" has become more common place, even on products that contain bleach.

Teeth bleaching servers not just to remove the stains from the enamel of your teeth, but also to brighten and enhance their color. Tooth bleaching may encompass more than one appointment, but may also provide better results than just tooth whitening.