The pain caused by  toothaches is something no individual wants to experience. At Paul G. Culver, D.D.S. office, same day toothaches are seen so that we can provide you with immediate relief and treatment. If you are experiencing pain from a toothache, please contact us or request an appointment by clicking here.

Toothaches can signify a variety of problems, and we are committed to helping you feel better as well as treating the problem to prevent infection, decay, or other serious maladies that can occur if treatment isn't rendered on a timely basis. Same day toothaches are seen as soon as possible, and if necessary, we will prescribe an analgesic to help you alleviate the pain until such time as treatment can be given.

We know that toothache pain may grow in intensity if left untreated—at Paul G. Culver, D.D.S., we strive to save you from any unnecessary pain, as well as save your tooth, so we always leave a bit of time for  emergency appointments so that same day toothaches can be seen, and your suffering can end quickly. We want you to leave smiling!

For more information on Brookfield, WI toothaches, contact or call Paul G. Culver, D.D.S. (262) 782-1655 today!