Water Picks

Water picks are utilized by both dental professionals and individuals to remove debris from around the teeth and beneath the gums in an effort to prevent the build-up of plaque, which can lead to gum disease. When using water picks for teeth along with proper flossing and brushing, the risk of gum disease is much lower.

Many individuals suffer from gum disease, and proper oral hygiene is more important than ever. While flossing and brushing are the two most common methods of oral hygiene that should be utilized by everyone, the addition of water picks to your daily regimen of oral health can also benefit you greatly.

Dentist typically used water picks for teeth to clean your mouth and hard to reach areas. While the water picks in a dentist's office is a professional grade model, many models can also be purchased for individual use that are just as effective when used properly. Before purchasing your own water picks, you might want to consult with your dentist to get his recommendations.

Water picks for teeth can use short bursts of water to clean teeth, but can also use mouthwash or an anti-bacterial solution for even more effectiveness. Many people find them additional useful in cleaning areas that toothpicks and floss just can't get to effectively. Water picks for teeth might also be recommended for people with braces or crowns, as brushing might not be enough to remove debris completely.